White Composite Fillings in Plymouth

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White fillings, also known as Tooth Coloured fillings, blend perfectly with your natural tooth colour, giving you a healthier and brighter smile.

What Are White Composite Fillings?

Consisting of an advanced composite resin, white composite fillings are an attractive, mercury-free alternative to standard silver amalgam fillings. In fact, we’ve been a mercury-free dental practice for many years now, believing composite to be a healthier alternative for a beautiful, natural looking smile. As such, they’re a cost-effective and ideal way to restore strength and definition to damaged teeth.

How Does A White Tooth Filling Work?

Using the filling material, we’re able to fill standard cavities caused by decay, as well as building up broken or worn back teeth. And due to the material’s cosmetic qualities, it’s also our first choice for filling unsightly gaps, and restoring and reshaping broken or chipped front teeth.

White Fillings Service in Plymouth

At The Mead, all white fillings are available in a range of shades to match your tooth colour. And we only use the most advanced and up to date materials and fixing bonds to give you long-lasting, and almost invisible results, letting you smile with confidence.

To take your next step towards a more confident smile, call our Plymouth dental team on 01752 224 880 or email info@meaddental.co.uk


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