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Our Teeth Whitening Dentist Treatment Will Give You The Perfect Sparkling Smile

If your smile’s not as dazzling as you’d like it to be, then teeth whitening treatments can help give you your natural sparkle back.

With good dental hygiene and effective brushing and cleaning between the teeth, together with regular visits to your hygienist for advanced AirFlow technology cleaning, you can help keep your teeth looking bright and healthy. However, over time, your teeth can become stained or darkened by age, smoking, drinking tea, coffee, and red wine.

Teeth whitening treatments are a simple, effective, and non-invasive way to restore or improve the natural appearance of your teeth. One of the safest and most predictable methods is by professional home whitening treatment.

Please remember that ONLY DENTISTS are LEGALLY permitted to carry out teeth whitening in the UK as we use scientifically approved, safe and effective materials. Please don’t gamble with your health!

By visiting us at The Mead Dental, we’ll give you a thorough dental check to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and suitable for the treatment. We’ll then use individual moulds of your mouth to have teeth whitening trays made for you by qualified technicians that will fit perfectly.

With gentle teeth whitening gel placed in each tray, your teeth will have prolonged contact with the mixture over the course of 2 – 4 weeks depending on the result you’re looking for. Over a minimum period of two weeks, you’ll see a gradual improvement in the shade of your teeth, leading to excellent results leaving your teeth looking brighter.

Teeth Whitening Before And After Results

We see these fantastic results and bright smiles time and again with our teeth whitening kits, and if after a few months you want to repeat the procedure, we have top-up kits available.
teeth whitening before and after

How Much Is Teeth Whitening?

To find out more about the cost of our teeth whitening treatment, please see our prices page.

To help put the sparkle back into your smile with our teeth whitening treatments, call us on 01752 224 880 or email


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