Custom Fitted Sports Mouthguards

Protective Sports Mouthguards For Adults & Children

If you, or any members of your family, regardless of age, are involved in contact sports like rugby, football, or cricket, wearing a custom-made sports mouthguard can help protect your teeth, gums, and jaw against potential injury.

How To Fit A Mouthguard?

Made from long-lasting thermoplastic materials, a sports mouthguard specially designed for your mouth will fit the shape of your teeth and jaw exactly. It will stay in place comfortably, feel natural to wear and give you maximum protection against damage or trauma.

Getting a mouthguard that’s unique to you is a much better option to any shop bought mouthguards which will be uncomfortable to wear for any length of time because they’re not a precise fit. Neither will they give you the level of protection you need.

At The Mead Dental, we’re able to produce custom mouthguards for adults and children quickly. Starting with taking detailed impressions of your teeth, full plaster cast models of your teeth, gums, and jaw are then made, allowing our dental technicians to create a mouthguard that fits your teeth and your bite precisely.

Personalised Gum Shield From The Mead Dental

When it’s ready, your dentist will check it fits you correctly, and we’ll give you full care instructions, and a protective case to keep your mouthguard in when you’re not using it.

Adults may not need to have their mouthguards replaced very often, but it’s likely that children’s mouthguards will need replacing more regularly to ensure a correct fit as they grow. So don’t forget to bring your mouthguard along with you to any routine checkups – that way we can check quickly and easily.

Where Can I Buy A Mouthguard For Sports?

If you want to check your current mouthguard still fits, or you’d like to have one made for your sports activities, call us on 01752 224 880 or email today for an appointment.


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