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Our Root Canal Dentist Will Eliminate Tooth Pain & Infection With Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy, or Endodontics, is a procedure to treat a tooth when the nerve in the middle of the tooth has died or been damaged, leading to inflammation and infection. Root canal treatment will help keep your natural teeth in place, saving any tooth that might otherwise be lost to extraction.

If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms:

  • extreme tooth pain on biting or chewing
  • swelling of the gum around a tooth or cheek
  • notice a tooth has grown darker in colour

it’s possible the nerve inside the tooth has become damaged, perhaps through some form of injury, crack, or a decayed cavity.

At The Mead Dental, we offer all our patients a progressive root canal therapy treatment for any damaged nerves, that requires a high standard of technical ability and equipment, eliminating any pain and discomfort.

The infected tooth root is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to remove any bacteria and infection from the root canals. A rubber compound is then used to fill the root, before finally sealing the existing crown with a white filling. In some cases, a new ceramic crown is fitted to help protect the remaining tooth structure.

Our root canal therapy is usually carried out over one or two visits. As the procedures require a local anaesthetic to make sure the treatment is as pain-free as possible for you, we’ll also make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout.

The loss of just a single tooth can affect the development and arrangement of any surrounding teeth, so saving them wherever possible is really beneficial to your dental health.

Root Canal Cost

To find out more about the cost of our root canal treatment, take a look at our prices page.

If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain – don’t put it off! Call us on 01752 224 880 or email to book an appointment today and find out if root canal therapy is the treatment you need.


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