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What To Expect From A New Patient Dental Examination

After welcoming you as a new patient with us at Mead Dental, to help give us an accurate overview of your dental health, you’ll have a new patient dental examination. This will help us understand more about you, your history, and your concerns, while providing up to date information in every area of your dental health.

The first step of the process is to develop a dental care plan for you. We start by asking about your general health and any medication you’re taking. We’ll then carry out a thorough inspection of your oral health, assessing not just your teeth, but your whole mouth.

During the examination, your dentist will make a full dental health and hygiene check, including:

  • an examination of your muscles, lymph glands, thyroid, and jaw joints of your head and neck
  • an oral cancer screening looking at the inside lining of your mouth, at your tongue, lips and throat
  • an assessment of your gum health and supporting structures, such as the bone levels
  • an assessment of the teeth with particular attention to signs of decay and wear
  • Intraoral photographs and/or X-Rays may be taken if required

The information will help us put together an effective treatment plan unique to your own dental and medical requirements. Your full new patient examination, together with our thorough approach to dental care, will provide the detailed information we need to ensure you a lifetime of good dental health.

In recommending any treatments, either as a result of your examination or in the future, we’ll always discuss the options with you, giving you all the facts, details and costs you need to help make an informed decision.

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