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The Key To Keeping Your Teeth And Gums Healthy & Happy

Gum disease is largely a silent disease, often going unnoticed by the patient for years and leading to infection and tooth loss.

Having a daily routine of brushing and cleaning between the teeth will go a long way to prevent a buildup of plaque and tartar. But to make sure even the hard to reach places remain bacteria and disease free, your dentist may recommend a visit to one of our expert dental hygienists.

Airflow Hygiene Treatment

During your visit, your hygienist will screen for gum disease, professionally clean your teeth from back to front using the revolutionary Air Flow technology to control the bacterial film responsible for gum disease. To prevent any future cavities or gum disease, the process removes plaque and tartar buildup effectively and comfortably, together with any stubborn stains, leaving your teeth and whole mouth feeling healthy and clean.

However, long-term prevention of gum disease is of prime importance and our Hygienists have a pivotal role to play in the fight against ill health and disease. Often known as Periodontitis, it’s clinically proven to be linked with heart disease with suggestions of links with diabetes, stroke, and low birth weight babies. During your visit, your hygienist will be able to examine your gums and if necessary, treat them effectively to remove any active disease.

Your hygienist will also be able to give you long-term advice and guidance on:

  • Gum disease
  • Tooth decay
  • Halitosis treatments
  • Brushing and techniques for cleaning in those hard to get to places in-between the teeth
  • General oral health and hygiene

Open Access Available
Our dental hygienists can also treat any patient without a previous referral from their dentist. So if you want to arrange a hygienist appointment directly, please contact us.

Good oral hygiene is vital to your long-term dental health, and a regular appointment with your dental hygienist is essential to keeping your mouth, teeth, and gums in the best condition, helping to maintain your general health too.

PLEASE don’t underestimate the value of your hygiene appointments to your overall health. Science and our knowledge of bacterial films have moved forward, so much so that new technologies such as Air Flow have been developed to combat this disease.

Keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy by booking your visit to the hygienist today. Call us on 01752 224 880 or email


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