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Dentist Tooth & Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Our dental team will always do everything they can to preserve or repair a natural tooth, but there can be cases where a tooth extraction or removal is a necessary procedure.

There are several causes that may require a tooth to be extracted, with some of the most common including a tooth that’s suffered catastrophic decay or severe damage, an impacted wisdom tooth, or severe uncontrolled gum disease with infection. In these cases, it may well be in the best interest of a patient’s gums, surrounding teeth, and general health to have the affected tooth removed.

For every treatment we undertake, tooth extraction will always be the last resort, but if you’re in intense pain, removal might be the best option.

Non-Emergency & Emergency Tooth Extraction

At The Mead Dental, our experienced dentists specialise in all dental treatments involving oral surgery, including tooth extraction. Though it’s a routine procedure, with every extraction performed safely under a local anaesthetic to stop any pain, we understand it can be a nervous or even anxious time for you as a patient.

In every case, we always make sure you’re well cared for and as relaxed as possible before, during and after the treatment. When the procedure is over, there can be some discomfort, but we’ll give you all the advice and aftercare you need to help avoid any complications or infections in the days ahead.

Remember, removing a tooth is always a last resort, but if you’re in pain, book an appointment and get checked out. Call us on 01752 224 880 or email today.


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