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Dental Crown Treatments To Restore Your Smile

Dental crowns are an ideal way to repair and restore damaged, worn, or decayed teeth when a filling is no longer suitable. As you give each tooth back its natural shape, appearance and function, you gain a new look, healthy smile.

Fitting a crown, sometimes known as a cap, over a remaining part of a natural tooth is a procedure that restores the proper form and function of each tooth, if and where it’s required. While the decision to have a crown might be your own or a recommendation from your dentist, there could be several reasons to undergo the treatment, including:

  • To provide a protective cover for broken or badly decayed teeth
  • As a permanent rebuild for teeth with large fillings
  • To remedy dental issues like spacing, irregular shape, or extreme discolouration

Created using a variety of different materials, crowns can be made from plastic (composite materials), ceramic, or metal alloys. At The Mead, we favour state of the art, all-ceramic crowns for maximum strength and their ability to replicate the look of your natural tooth colour.

After your dentist has prepared your tooth in readiness for your new crown, moulds are taken of your tooth, together with a tooth shade for an ideal colour match. While the moulds are passed to a dental technician to create your crown, we’ll fit you with a temporary cap that will stay in place until your new, ceramic crown is ready.

Once the fit, appearance, and shape have all been approved, your new crown is held in place by specialist dental adhesive or cement that will last many years.

To restore your smile with a natural-looking, hard-wearing crown, call us today on 01752 224 880 or email to book an appointment.


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