Airflow Teeth Cleaning In Plymouth

State Of The Art Airflow Treatment For Teeth For An Outstandingly Clean & Healthy Smile

We’re excited to be able to offer all our patients a brand new, state of the art air polishing treatment, giving you a more thorough and effective clean than ever before, without any of the discomfort.

Any visit to your dentist would usually include an appointment with the hygienist to carry out a scale and polish procedure. While scaling helps remove any plaque and tartar build up, the polish will buff out imperfections and remove any stains, so your teeth are left feeling smooth, clean, and shiny. However, though it’s a standard procedure, it can be slow, uncomfortable, and sometimes painful for you.

With advanced AirFlow technology, air polishing uses a powerful combination of fine organic powder, air, and water, allowing our hygienists to gently remove soft dental plaque and any stubborn stains from your teeth without damaging the tooth surface. As air polishing is non-contact and non-invasive, it’s a more comfortable and pain-free treatment, leaving you with visibly cleaner and whiter results straight away.

As a brand new treatment, air polishing is an amazing development in oral health and hygiene. The AirFlow system safely removes more bacteria than a standard scale and polish treatment, and by making air polishing a part of your regular hygienist visits, it will help prevent gum disease that’s clinically proven to be linked with heart disease.

Airflow Teeth Cleaning At The Mead Dental

Mead Dental are really excited to offer this progressive, new air polishing treatment to all our patients and to start making a real difference to your dental and general health. Start using our new AirFlow air polishing technology today for a healthier, brighter smile.

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Read about Joshua’s (Age 8) AirFlow experience. 


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