1.    Treat any identifiable cause such as infection (this may need antibiotics)

2.    Avoid odiferous (smelly) foods such as onions, garlic, spices etc.

3.    Avoid habits that might worsen breath odour such as:
•    Alcohol
•    Tobacco

4.    Eat a good breakfast and take regular meals including fresh fruit (an enzyme in pineapple helps clean the mouth)

5.    Brush your teeth after meals

6.    Keep oral hygiene regular and good
•    Toothbrushing
•    Interdental brushing with “bottle brushes” e.g. TePe’s
•    Flossing

7.    Rinse at least twice daily with chlorhexidine (e.g. Chlorohex, Corsodyl, Eludril),  triclosan (e.g. Plax), essential oils (Listerine), cetylpyridinium (MacLeans), chlorine dioxide (Retardex) or other “fresh breath” preparations such as Dentyl pH

8.    Brush your tongue before going to bed or use a tongue scraper

9.    Keep your mouth as moist as possible by using
•    Sugar-free chewing gums (e.g. Orbit, EnDeKay)
•    Sugar-free mints
•    Diabetic sweets (sugar-free variety)

10.    If you have dentures, ideally leave them out at night in clean cold water.