Written by Joshua Stirling, Age 8

Meet Joshua, Joshua is a typical 8-year-old lively lad who is often keen to head out the door, so sometimes brushing his teeth thoroughly isn’t always top of his list. Joshua is though very good at going to see Laura at the Mead.

Recently Joshua was one of the first patients at the surgery to experience the new Airflow treatment which has helped him to understand how to brush his teeth properly and has made his pearly whites, even more, pearly white.

Read about Joshua’s Airflow experience with Liz the hygienist.


Joshua, what did you think was going to happen before having the Airflow treatment?

“I thought I will feel just air in my mouth, but it was much more than that, it helped me learn how to brush my teeth properly.”


What happened during the treatment?

“At first, Liz had a look at my teeth and then put some blue paste on them, which changed to different colours. I looked quite funny. She showed me in the mirror what the different colours meant. It showed where I was brushing well, and which teeth weren’t being cleaned as well.



After this, Liz switched on the Airflow machine and used what looked like a thin white tube and this blew lots of air onto my teeth. The air also had water with is and this got the plaque off my teeth.”



What did you think of the treatment? Did it hurt?

“It was fun! It didn’t hurt at all and it helped my teeth to look nice and white and to help me to learn which teeth I’m cleaning well and which ones I’m missing.”


What did you think about the result?

“I think it is fantastic and everyone should have the Airflow treatment because it really helps your teeth a lot.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the Airflow treatment, please do contact The Mead on 01752 224880 or email our friendly team.

Airflow treatment can be delivered as part of your membership plan for a small additional monthly fee.