You haven’t eaten chocolate for a week, you’re practically sugar-free, right? Wrong. If you’re assuming you have a low-sugar diet because you’ve cut out cakes, chocolate and Nutella, you may need to think again.

Sugary foods aren’t obvious anymore and this simple but seriously unhealthy compound has found its way into the most unlikely of places. If you really want to work out how much sugar you’re eating and cut down, first you’ll need to find out which foods contain hidden sugars.

We can’t promise you’re going to like this. Keep reading to find out the truth about hidden sugars.

Foods That Contain Sugar

1. Condiments

Got chips? You’ll need mayo and ketchup. Eating a salad for lunch? Don’t forget the dressing. You won’t find a condiment shelf in supermarkets these days, you’ll find entire aisles. Chipotle, sweet chilli, BBQ, brown sauce…the list goes on and these are only the basics.

You can find sugar in almost all of these common condiments. Not far down the ingredient list either, you’ll find it in the top few ingredients.

2. Fat-Free Foods

A couple of decades ago, fat got a bad reputation for making people overweight. As food companies jumped onto the bandwagon, the truth about fat got lost. If you take the fat out of foods though, you have to replace it with something to get the same great taste. What did they replace fat with? Sugar.

Fat-free yoghurts are a great example of this. Where full-fat yoghurts taste delicious without sugar, the fat-free varieties list it as a top ingredient. Forget artificially fat-free foods and if you love yoghurt, opt for a sugar-free natural Greek yoghurt.

3. Tinned Veggies

Tinned vegetables are, by and large, just as nutritionally-dense as fresh and frozen vegetables. This is great news because tinned veggies are cheap, last a long time in the cupboard and are a late-night lifesaver. If you’re cracking open a tin of sweetcorn in water, you don’t have to think about sugar, right?

Sorry, check again. Many tins of sweetcorn, tomatoes and other vegetables contain sugar. Sugar is completely unnecessary here and you should always be able to find tins with no sugar. They’re often cheaper too.

4. Snack Bars

The snack bar industry is booming and they might be full of added protein and chia seeds but that’s not all. You’ll spot sugar in lots of snack bars too.

Look out for these sugars:

  • Honey
  • Fructose
  • Syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Glucose

Don’t fall for wholesome sounding added sugars either. Honey is still pure sugar.

5. Specialty Coffee

It’s only coffee, what could go wrong? A report revealed that our beloved coffee shop drinks have up to 25 teaspoons of sugar in them. Even modest coffees contained multiple teaspoons of sugar and that’s assuming the customer didn’t add any themselves.

Coffee shops don’t list the sugar content up on that exciting board so you might have no idea you’re about to consume three day’s worth of added sugar.

Sugary Foods Aren’t Just Sweets and Cakes

When you’re trying to look after your health and teeth, it can get frustrating to discover hidden sugars all over the place. Sugary foods aren’t only cakes and biscuits anymore, they’re almost everything we haven’t pulled out of the ground.

Don’t worry, once you get used to the types of places you’ll find hidden sugars, it’s easier to avoid them. Check labels and remember that there are often sugar-free alternatives. Sugar has a huge effect on oral health so if you need a check-up and advice, get in touch with us. We provide friendly and helpful dentistry to keep your teeth in top shape.