Teaching your children good dental habits early in life is an extremely important step toward their overall health and well-being.

If you’re a parent, there are several things you can do to teach your children about proper teeth brushing methods.

Even if your little one is resistant, you can easily teach them great brushing habits they’ll adapt over time.

Read on to learn more about some methods that will provide success.

Be Gentle and Start Early

Good dental habits should start early — as soon as the first tooth starts breaking through the gums.

The sooner you practice and encourage healthy dental habits, the better the odds that your children will continue them as they get older.

When your little one is old enough to use a toothbrush, make sure you choose something with extremely soft bristles. Also, wet the toothbrush to make it even softer for delicate gums.

You can actually start brushing your child’s teeth for them until they are comfortable doing it themselves. Use gentle motions and brush all the teeth, while also including the back teeth and the tongue.

Make Children Toothbrushing Habits Fun

To encourage your children to brush their teeth, make this healthy habit a fun experience.

Everyone should brush their teeth for about two minutes or more at a time, so play their favourite song as they brush and tell them they have to continue until it’s over. There are apps you can download which play music and provide rewards within the app the more you brush!

Most children cannot brush their teeth on their own until they are about six or seven years old. During their younger years, be a “brushing coach” and teach them how to take care of their teeth.

When you encourage your children and make the brushing a fun experience, it creates positive reinforcement that will last. Pick a special time before bedtime, like just before you read a book to your child, so they associate brushing with something good.

Tips for Brushing Success

Once your children are old enough to practice toothbrushing on their own, it’s important that they do it right to get rid of plaque.

Your children should hold the toothbrush at a 45-degree angle and brush along their gum line, moving the brush back and forth over each tooth.

Make sure your child brushes the inside of each tooth and the top of each tooth to remove plaque and food particles. Next, have them use the tip of their toothbrush to brush behind each tooth using up and down strokes.

Children should also brush their tongue to get rid of excess bacteria and reduce bad breath. With proper practice, they should be a brushing pro in no time.

Healthy Habits That Last a Lifetime

With a little encouragement, you can make toothbrushing a fun, positive experience.

Over time, your children should be able to brush their teeth on their own and practice regular dental care habits they’ll carry into adulthood. If you’re in need of a dental examination or consultation, contact us today to schedule your appointment.